Collect in Store

We have a feature on our site which makes it simple for you to see if a product is available to pick up from our shop inside Cambs Lock (click here to find where it is). If the item is available and in stock then you will see the following.

If you wish to proceed with a pickup (instead of choosing a paid shipping option delivered to your house) then you have two options available to you.

1) Stop Browsing & Head to Cambs Lock

You can pop in to Cambs Lock (during opening hours) to grab the item yourself and take it to the counter. Here the Cambs Lock staff will serve you, take payment and you're all done. We recommend this option as you have the chance to view the product before you commit to the purchase and overall we believe it to be a much simpler process. We do however understand this option may not always be possible (if you're browsing during closed times for example) so we also have the ability to reserve online too.

2) Reserve It Online

The alternative would be to add the item to your cart and pay for it in advance. This can be convenient if you can't get over to the shop at that exact moment or if you're browsing during shop closed times. The item would then be reserved to ensure it doesn't go out of stock before you get a chance to pop in to pick it up. Once in your cart go to checkout and you will see a "Pickup In store" product added to your cart for £0.00. This is how the system knows you are preparing a pickup order and should be added to your basket automatically by default (if you was going to choose online shipping you could just cross it off your cart).

You should now be scroll down past the subtotal and see the “Cambs Lock Pickup” box highlighted in green on the right. The option on the left is for shipping so make sure that one isn’t highlighted when doing a pickup. Once the pickup option is successfully selected (should be by default) you will then see Cambs Locks address underneath (where the pickup is happening) followed by some collection information fields for you to fill in.

The first field will bring up a calendar view for you to choose which date and time you would like to come in to the shop to pick up your item. We then require you to provide your name, email and phone number for whoever it is that will be coming in to pickup. This information will then be emailed to Cambs Lock staff who will be able to use it to authenticate the person collecting. As they also know what time to expect the collector they will ensure that the reserved item is taken and placed behind the counter ready for an quick & easy handover.

Do not worry if you don’t get to the store at the exact time slot you provided on the form. Your item will still be waiting for you when you do eventually arrive.

Once the above is done you can hit the button below to proceed to the checkout stages. You’ll see the delivery method as a radio button set to Pick Up and then below that will once again be Cambs Locks address.

You then proceed on to payment where you enter details to finalise everything and you're done! Just pop in to the shop at your provided time and your item will be waiting for you by the counter.

Hopefully this guide has explained our pickup process well however if you have any questions or queries then feel free to send us an email on our contact page and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible!