Pokémon Blind Bag Raffle

When we pre-ordered the Santa Cruz/Pokémon blind bag decks we knew they’d be popular but didn’t expect there to be this much hype. We sold a handful of stock to customers but then had to pause sales as couldn’t provide one for everybody. We knew we wanted to find out a better and more fair way to give everyone a chance to get one. Introducing our raffle.

On Sunday 8th of October we will be hosting a jam event at our local skate park in Brampton. Skateboarders can come down to take part in best trick events and just hang out and skate with plenty of prizes to give out. Alongside this event we will be raffling off one of the blindbag decks. In order to abide by the law and run this as an incidental lottery we have written up a bunch of rules below.

1) Tickets cost £5 with a total of 250 available 

2) Tickets have to be bought in person at the event (no online sales)

3) You must receive a physical ticket number from us. We will try document who has which ticket but keeping hold of yours will be the best way to verify if you win.

4) The draw will take place at 4:30pm in person during the event at Brampton skate park.

5) We will be doing runner up prizes BEFORE the blind bag is done. This will be clearly documented on the day

6) Cash for tickets is preferable but we will have a way to take card payments too 

7) All profits from the raffle will be going towards Dave’s Huntingdonshire Indoor Skate Park GoFundMe page.

This is the first time we are running an event. We aren’t sure how busy this will be but we can imagine a lot of people travelling to have the chance to take part in this. We welcome all to take part in the raffle, whether they skateboard or not. See you on the 8th!