Restocking Death & Heroin

Restocking Death & Heroin

 When me and Dave started Scenic we had to have lengthy conversations about which brands we wanted to order in. We didn't really have that much capital to start off with and therefore knew we couldn't get everything in that we wanted. I think now as of 2024 I have trade accounts set up from 20 or so distributers/sales agencies which means having to pick and choose where to order from as it's unfeasible to order from them all due to P&P fees.

One of our decisions was to ensure we supported UK brands which is why one of our orders for open day did include decks from Death & Heroin. They lasted a good few months but did eventually all sell out. As great as that is it did mean I found myself needing to place an order from Power Distribution again. I share a to-do list with Dave which had a note on there to order from Power again but for one reason or another we kept spending our money elsewhere. There's always something we've needed from another distributer which we've had to prioritise.

Well I did finally place an order last week, restock some decks from both Death & Heroin plus getting in our first deck from Blast Skates and some apparel and stickers. As it's January right now our sales have dipped compared to the run up to Christmas which means I wasn't able to order in as much as I'd have liked as the funds just wasn't there. Thankfully though we've been able to sell quite a few of the decks already due to a few being requested in advance and a spontaneous purchase of the 9' Craig Questions Life Heroin deck from a new local to our area who popped in to the shop for the first time at the weekend. I was also able to sell a Death beanie to Harriet, a new student to the Let's Go Skate school who's been having lessons with Dave recently. She came in to get a new Pro-Tec Sky Brown helmet but left with a beanie too. Check her out below!

What this means is I might be able to place another order again soon to offer more variety of sizes and shapes on the decks offered by the brands. Definitely keen to ensure I uphold the decision to have UK brands in stock for those that want to support local. Definitely more beanies needed next time as already sold the 2 we got in. At just £14.99 they are a bargain. If you'd like to see what we still have in stock from these two brands then here's the link to Death and here's the link to Heroin.
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