Opera & Slappy Now in Store

Opera & Slappy Now in Store

When Dwindle started to fall apart there was lots of skateboarders within the industry left without a job. Remarkably the likes of Mike Sinclair, Louie Barletta, Bill Weiss and more came together to create new brands and a new distribution in the US. Steve Douglas who runs a distribution here in the UK also got involved in helping set up the new Sidewalk Distribution and ensuring these brands made their way to the UK.

Fast forward to a month ago and we were able to watch in on an hour zoom meeting from these influential people talking about the new products in the pipeline for these brands and the vision they've got for the future. It was incredibly exciting for us to be able to get in on this and hear about all the new exciting things in the works.

It therefore made sense for us to start stocking some of these brands right away to show our support. We therefore ordered in a handful of Opera & Slappy trucks that are available to buy now. We've even lowered the price of Opera decks by 14% to £59.99 as an introductory price to get the brand up and going in our area. As always free grip with every deck purchase!

- Jason 

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