New Homepage Collection Photos

New Homepage Collection Photos

We opened Scenic Skate Shop back in November 2022 and alongside it was a great new Shopify website that I had spent many hours developing. 18 months later and the website is still an invaluable asset that helps us generate online sales as well as being a resource for our local customers to browse products before coming in to get them.

When I set the website up I got really in to it. Having a background in IT I already had the skill set needed to set this up but this was the first time I had done an e-commerce site. Truth is Shopify is so easy to use that I barely did any coding and really just needed to learn how to navigate the admin as I'd go back and forth tweaking bits trying to remember where the option was to do what I needed doing.

I got the backbones of the website up and operational and since then haven't done much to enhance it. With 101 other things on my mind one of the first jobs to get forgotten about is website maintenance. Together me and Dave keep the backend running smoothly with our stock inventory but when It comes to keeping the look of the site updated we have both neglected to do much. It's just been the odd new banner here and there.

Well today I finally got round to updating the collection photos that are seen on the front page for decks, trucks etc. Dave got them ready for us for launch but did so by taking real photos of our products stacked in a way to show them off. Truth is the lighting wasn't great and made the images look a bit dull. It did the job though so we went with it. Now as I sit here in the office typing this up I reflect back on them and wonder why we didn't just use photoshop to put digital images together instead (like I did this morning). Now the photos display products we actually have in stock!

Fully aware this is a pretty dull blog post but I've wrote it to try and get my creative juices flowing again. I do enjoy writing blogs as have done plenty over the years but have neglected to write any recently and need to try and change that. Here's hoping the next one I write is a bit more interesting.

- Jason

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