Brampton Skate Sessions

Brampton Skate Sessions

As I’m now running a skate shop it’s important that myself and Dave find ways to provide for our community. There’s plenty of blogs, comments and memes out there advocating for skaters to support their local skate shop but why would they if their local skate shop isn’t doing anything for the scene. I know only too well how important this ought to be as growing up in St Neots I had Tag Skate Shop but the owner never came out for a skate or really engaged with me. I want to ensure this isn’t the case with Scenic.

Me & Dave have spoken for a few weeks now about how organising an evening skate session at our local skate park in Brampton would be a really cool idea. We’ve often seen adult skaters pop out for a skate here and there and sure everyone says hi and is friendly but this often doesn’t transcend in to friendships. I knew I was keen to engage more with these skaters and get to know them better so what better way than getting everyone in to a group chat and then out for a skate.

Yesterday evening was our first session and it couldn’t have been much colder as the skate park was freezing over whilst we skated. Highlight of the evening has to be when we all session the volcano/hump as a quarter pipe. I was able to do a Backside Blunt on it, a trick I’ve not done for a few years now so I was hyped on that. Was rad that Luke was able to back me up by landing one right after mine too!

Here’s hoping next week is a bit warmer but as we all said in person we couldn’t complain as it was at least dry. If you’re reading this and are interested in joining in then pop along from 6pm on a Wednesday evening at Brampton, see you then!

- Jason

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